3 Tips To Clear Up Acne 🌟

3 Tips To Clear Up Acne 🌟

December 22, 2018

 I've always been the girl that never had nice skin. If it wasn't all the acne on my forehead and cheeks it was the texture of my skin.Trust me when I say I  was a skincare connoisseur. A skincare junkie. I had all the products you can imagine from drugstore to luxury to pharmaceutical. To be honest some of it (like 10%) actually worked for a small amount of time but then the acne returned. It was a NEVER ending battle. I had spent so much money buying expansive skincare and seeing dermatologist I was open to trying everything! 


I do live a plant based lifestyle... which really did make a difference in my skin. Its true when they say you are what you eat. What you eat will show up on that skin of yours. So tip number one is try cutting out greasy not good-for-you food and junk. Try upping your vegetable intake. Replace sugary snacks for green juices/ smoothies with powerful antioxidants and superfoods! Your body will thank you for it. 


And more water!!! I shoot for a gallon a day. I sometimes achieve it, sometimes don't. But the average human should be drinking 2 liters of water a day (1/2 a gallon). Shooting for a gallon makes me drink more. When I'm not consistent on drinking 2 liters a day I notice more blemishes and redness. This has to be my number one tip if I could choose so ladies and gentlemen go chug. 

3. Taking care & be patient. 

Do you sleep with your makeup on? Do you give your skin tender loving care? Do you actually know what your putting on it? You might be using chemical products that claim to help solve your problems but instead can be too harsh on your skin and be doing the opposite. Personally product acne is what I had before I switched to all natural skincare. So start with using one product for awhile and see what it does to your skin. Factor out the good and bad. Be observant. Be patient. It's a journey but once you get to your skin goals its so worth it. 

Stop looking for quick fixes and put in the work. Be gentle, drink your water, and watch what you're consuming. You can do it. I now how the skin I've always dreamed of and you can too. 

Hope these 3 tips helped. They're my top 3 for clear beautiful skin. 🌟 Get ya glow on! 

Chat soon! 

xoxo Alexandra 

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