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F L O R      S K I N C A R E 

Hi, I’m Alexandra! 
 Flor began in 2018 with my father, a beekeeper and rancher in Fillmore, CA,  passing on all his life’s work of bee knowledge and plants 🌱 onto me. 
We wanted to find a solution to heal skin without toxic chemicals, harmful ingredients, and remain sustainable. After years of experimenting with natural sources and learning all about the powerful healing properties in nature, I began production on my own bee based skincare.
 The key in Flor Skincare is local raw honey derived from the beehives at our farm in Fillmore, CA. In its raw, unprocessed form, honey contains a blend of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and anti-oxidants. Known as natures humectant, perfect for retaining moisture in the skin and keeping it hydrated. With the antibacterial properties found in Raw Honey, its actively fighting dirt & free radicals, which is believed to cause skin aging.
These amazing benefits of Raw Honey and Raw Royal Jelly combined result in deeply hydrated, strong, and healthy skin barrier.
We're all about feeling beautiful in your own skin you were born with, whatever that skin type is. But we do hope our products can help you feel a bit more radiant.
xXxx Alexandra! 
Here are some of my favorites.