DIY IMMUNITY BOOSTING REMEDIES WITH RAW HONEY  For all me holistic health enthusiasts

DIY IMMUNITY BOOSTING REMEDIES WITH RAW HONEY For all me holistic health enthusiasts

January 10, 2023

For all my holistic health nuts like me
Immune boosting Honey infused garlic
Before you say no thank you i think you should know the benefits of consuming fresh garlic 

  • Helps your body maintain proper blood pressure 
  • Improves heart function 
  • Fights fungal infections 
  • Boosts immune system 
  • Wards off colds and flus 

Most potent in its raw form, Allicin is the element of garlic that makes it beneficial, but also what makes it taste so strong. The fresher the better. If you want to be a savage and just consume it raw go ahead and do so, but be warned your breath might smell for the rest of the day… 

So I recommend pairing it with another health boosting ingredient: raw honey! 

It has to be RAW. Preferably local. Consuming raw honey means it hasn’t been heated and stripped of its health boosting properties and nutrients. Avoid supermarket honey’s with expiration dates. 


W/ immune boosting garlic and antioxidant raw honey combine the two and create a super food medicine! 

The recipe is simple and amazing to quickly grab when your feeling a cold or flu coming on. 


  • Raw cloves of garlic 
  • Raw Local honey 
  • Small jar 


  1. Peel garlic, taking the flat side of the knife, crush the peeled garlic into cloves. 
  2. Put  garlic into your jar, cover in raw honey, and close the lid. (or put garlic in your raw honey jar)  Let sit for 3 days. 

That's it. 

How to use: 

Two options. 

You can eat the garlic cloves when you're feeling ill or do what I do and use the garlic infused raw honey in my hot lemon water every morning. (Add apple cider vinegar for extra immune boosting.) 

As for the taste, it is so sweet and good! 

Simple health tip to boost your immune system since I think we all are in need of that right now. 

Take your health seriously and practice healthier lifestyle habits to reduce your chance of getting ill. Don't underestimate the impact of small daily changes. 

Have a lovely weekend! Chat soon! 


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